Penny is a collaborative zine of experiments in illustrated prose, published by Sixpenny & Co. We aim to be a thoughtful and inclusive little magazine that publishes new work online every month or so. Once a year, we publish a curated bookazine (👀). Engagement with our readers and contributors is vital to our purpose.

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Kate Thomas Wood | Editor and Publisher | kate@sixpenny.org

Katia Diamond-Sagias | Assistant Editor

Mitucami Mituca | In-House Illustrator and Guest Editor


Our readers are lovers of words with true originality of thought, and they come from all over. Their paid professions range from newspaper journalist, to secretary at a mental health clinic, to proofreader, to a teacher of architectural design, and yet they all volunteer their time to read experimental literature and widen the experience of the editors here at Penny. This magazine simply wouldn’t be possible without them.

Aparna Datey

Jack Feerick

Yadira Lopez 

Maeve MacLysaght

Marissa Sammy